Types of Membership
The association is open to all businesses (and individuals)
(A) Voting Member. Voting members consists of Newton Falls area businesses and organizations and Associate members, which support the community and local area businesses and commercial growth. Voting members shall designate one of the individuals associated with its business or organization to act as spokesperson for the member and to vote on matters coming before the membership.
(C) Individual Members. Individual members consist of individual interested in supporting the community and local area businesses and the commercial growth of the geographic area. Individual members are non-voting members.
(D) Publicly Funded Members. Public funded membership consists of an organization whose membership is voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. Public funded members have voting rights.
(E) Honorary Members. Honorary members consist of individuals whose membership is voted upon and approved by the Board of Directors. Honorary members are non-voting members.

Fee Schedule
Membership within 20 mile geographic area - voting member - $60.00
Individual Members - voting - $25.00
Individual Members - nonvoting -

No charge Public Funded Member - voting member - No charge

To be accepted as a member
(A) Any business (or individual) wanting to join the NFACA shall fill out an application which shall include the documentation to establish the business as a legal entity in the State in which it does business.
(B) Will be invoiced after membership approval.
(C) After treasurer and other needed officers establish that applying business meets the NFACA requirements, bring the application to the membership for approval.
(D) After membership approval, have new business attend following meeting to welcome them.
(E) All current members need to establish documentation as a legal business in appropriate State of doing business

Benefits of Being a Member
The NFACA meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month 8:00am at Redcon 1, 31 W Broad St, Newton Falls.We get together and have our formal meetings to discuss and vote on various topics relating to the commerce of Newton Falls. All members are welcome to attend these meetings to voice their opinions and hear what is happening in Newton Falls.
There is one other event that are always available to members (and we do not have formal meetings).
  • NFACA Member Christmas Party in December
Also, members can opt to purchase a spot on the Newton Falls Has Zip Sign on Route 5. Additional membership fees apply and there must be an available spot on the sign to sign-up.

Other benefits of being a member include:
  • Being featured right here on our website, with links to your website and sponsorship ads appearing randomly on almost every page.
  • Access to the "Regional Chambers" health insurance plan.
The ability to network with other vendors within the area.

NOACC Member Benefits
The Newton Falls Area Commerce Association is a member of the NOACC (Northern Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce).
This entitles our members to the following benefits...

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Managed Care Organization
  • Employee Assessment Testing Discounts
  • Workers' Compensation Group Rating Programs
  • Office Supplies and Services
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Shipping and Freight Services
  • Accounts Receivables & Collection Management
  • Freight Delivery
  • Website Development
  • Employee Wellness Program